The Must-Know Student Recruiting Trends for 2018

Results from WCN's recent report with Universum

The pressure to win top talent has never been so intense.

As top recruiters continue to receive huge numbers of applications but only have around 2% of roles that can be filled by student talent, the pressure to win top talent into has never been so intense.

In The Must-Know Student Recruiting Trends for 2018 report, WCN partnered with employer branding thought leader, Universum, to investigate this trend further and see how current recruiting insights can be improved upon by looking to engage and influence the best hires before competitors by devoting more time on focused value add activities.


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Based on the analysis conducted by WCN, the following global conclusions can be reached:

  • Across the 990,000 applications reviewed for high-volume recruiters, only about 2% make it to the offers stage.
  • Fallout rates are big so engagement is king.
  • Diversity continues to be a big challenge in campus hiring – Female applications underwhelm male applications in quantity but females are more successful than men at receiving offers.
  • Despite ever-changing political climates, more and more students are applying for roles outside of their country of nationality.
  • There is a gap in roles being filled by Black and Hispanics across all regions. This could be eased by more diversity focus by organizations both on and offline.